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Hopewell Culture National Historic Park:
16062 St. Rt. 104 | Chillicothe, Ohio | 740-774-1126

Hopewell Culture National Historic Park

The Hopewell culture was centered on Chillicothe from about 200 BC to AD 500. This unique culture built geometric earthworks of various shapes as well as mounds. Their finely crafted artifacts are evidence of extensive interactions with inhabitants of areas as far apart as the Gulf of Mexico and the Rocky Mountains. These features provide insights into the political, economical, and spiritual lives of the Hopewell culture.

Monday - Sunday 8:30am to 5:00pm. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. Extended hours Memorial Day through Labor Day. Free admission.

Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks Nominated for UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For details, visit http://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/5243/.

Ancient Ohio Trail:
Paint St. & Water St. | Chillicothe, Ohio
www.AncientOhioTrail.org   |   View Itinerary

Discover ancient America where, two thousand years ago, Native Americans filled the Ohio River region with vast and precise earthen monuments. Tour these spectacular ceremonial centers, discover their architecture and their meanings, and the remarkable cultures that built them. Follow the trail to all of Ohio's major earthworks. The routes link Newark (Octagon, Great Circle) with Chillicothe (Mound City, Hopewell Mound Group) and Serpent Mound, and then via Fort Ancient to Cincinnati (Shawnee Lockout) and Dayton (SunWatch Village). Also listed, with driving directions and tour resources, are many other well-preserved ancient and early historic sites.

Seip Mound:
US 50 West | Bainbridge, Ohio | 1-800-686-1535
Open all year - Daylight hours only

Seip Mound is the central mound in a group of geometric earthworks. Farming and erosion have degraded the surrounding earthworks leaving the central mound an outstanding feature. It is 240 feet long, 130 feet wide, and 30 feet high. Excavations have revealed that prehistoric Indian buildings existed near the earthworks. Today, visitors can see the location of some of these buildings as they are outlined by short posts in the ground. The Hopewell Indians (100 BC-AD 500) built Seip Mound for burials. This culture had a highly developed craft industry, as is evidenced by artifacts found with bodies in the burial site. Owned by the Ohio Historical Society.

Story Mound:
Allen Ave. & Delano St. | Chillicothe, Ohio | 1-800-686-1535
Open all year - Daylight hours only

Story Mound, of interest primarily to archaeologists, consists of a large, rounded earthen mound located on slightly less than an acre of ground in Chillicothe. This prehistoric burial mound stand 19.5 feet high, with a basal diameter of 95 feet. Erected by prehistoric Adena Indians (800 BC-AD 100) it was excavated in 1897 by Clarence Loveberry. It yielded the first documented example of a circular Adena timber building, a structural type now known as the norm in Adena ceremonial and domestic architecture. Please note that the mound is surrounded by a chain-link fence and is not accessible. Owned by the Ohio Historical Society.